Thanks to our Chefs, Cooks, and Kitchen Volunteers

The Recovery Kitchen could never have happened without the creative and hard work of our professional chefs and cooks as well as the unsung hero volunteers who keep the kitchen organized and spotless.  Our special thanks to Jamie Parry, our founding and current chef, and to John Carr, his fellow founder, now back at Le Perche. 

With deepest appreciation,

Carole Clark, Pam Kline, Carol Peckham.  Directors, Columbia County Recovery Kitchen 

Chefs and Cooks

Jamie Parry, Columbia County Recovery Kitchen, Chef, le Perche
John Carr, Chef, le Perche
Stephanie Skiadas, Chef, Gaskins
Craig Dillon
Traver Keil
Nancy Kuster
Sally Parry
Derick Pearson

Kitchen Volunteers

Usha Berlin

Nicole Cherubini

Janina Dieppe

Joan Feder 

Jan and Lester Greenburg

Tully Hedley

Betty Isler

Carol Moore

Bebe Pebworth