Cookbook for a Cause

The Chatham Synagogue Community Cookbook is a delightful collection of recipes for a good cause. The book is a compilation of Jewish culinary delights from everyday recipes to celebratory meals. Contributions to the book are from local Chatham Synagogue community members as well as celebrity chefs with ties to Columbia County, NY.

All funds raised from cookbook sales are donated to Columbia County Recovery Kitchen, an organization that fights concerning rates of food insecurity by providing delicious and nutritious meals delivered to those in need. So far, the book has raised close to $2,000!

The delightful home-style recipes, accompanied by reminiscences by the cooks, include Noodle Kugels, Potato Latkes, Kashe and Varnishes, Challah, Chicken Soup, and Matzoh Balls and Passover sweets such as Honey Cake, Lemon Cheesecake and Macaroons. There are many vegetarian recipes such as a Vegetarian Cholent to excite any eater.

The international lens reflects the home cooks’ passionate love of cooking. Many are influenced by Moroccan, Turkish, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Looking for creative and healthy recipes? The book is for home cooks interested in finding unusual, easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes. The diversity is inspiring, from Mandelbrot to a Harissa Painted Bird to Date Ketchup – there is a recipe for everyone at your dinner table.

The book is inspired by the unique stories and abundant produce found locally in the Hudson Valley. Home cooking in Columbia County is alive and well!

Thank to you everyone who purchased a cookbook! We’re grateful for your support.